Reactor Heart


Build your own spaceship and find extraterrestrial life


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Reactor Heart is a multiplayer sandbox game set in the near future, where you will have to find the resources to build your own spaceship with the objective of exploring the hidden corners of the galaxy and fighting against any other human player who gets in your way.

You can form alliances with other players, so a few friends could build a ship together and scour space while covering their back. Teamwork makes it easier not just to collect resources, something vital for the development of your characters, but also to explore remote planets.

The freedom you'll have when creating your spaceship is limitless. You can add as many propellants as you want, as well as defensive turrets, laser guns, and more. The ship of your dreams can become a reality in Reactor Heart, as long as you are ready to spend some time bringing it to life.

Reactor Heart is a game that is full of possibilities, and although at the moment the game is in its early stages of development, it's quite promising.
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